Converting Food Wastage into Valuble

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Our Mission

Our project is used to manage wastage foods in a useful way. It has been noted that a huge amount of leftover food is wasted during public gatherings and events arranged in Banquet Halls and Event Complex's . So we have to reduce that food wastage problem through this plateform because this food wastage can be helpful to prepare a proper feed for animals and we can stop to just garbage it

Why US?

Our latest technology equipment is used recycle collected waste and turn it into fertilizer for animals. We understand that recycling is important and can make a huge impact on reducing pollution caused by waste that is generated by leftover food. Our motive is to make Pakistan greener again.

Effect on the economy

In Pakistan, around 36 million tons of food is wasted every year which covers 40% of overall wastage. Food wastage is common in events such as wedding ceremonies.

Food waste Impacts the Environment

Saving food means saving a lot of money. But look at the bigger picture, reducing waste is good for planet, as it helps slow down the global warming.

It can become Energy and Fertilizer

Food waste does not have to do the landfill. We can recycle food waste so it become energy and fertilizer

" Converting
Food Waste
To Valuable "